“Hello, my name’s Hanna and I’m the founder of GoodyDog. I’d like to take you on a journey back to my childhood because GoodyDog has a personal and very tasty story I’d like to share with you.”

Good things from my childhood

Since I can remember there’s been nothing better for me than to be sitting round the table with the whole family and enjoying a great meal together. I still have these childhood memories of my father standing in the kitchen with a dishtowel thown over his shoulder and spending hours cooking for the family. My sister Susanne and I were allowed to pick the herbs and vegetables for the dinner from the garden. Maja,the dog we had at the time, was a mongrel and she would greet us joyfully in the back garden and off the three of us went to get all the fresh ingredients for our meal – it was great fun for us children.

In the evenings you could smell the deliciously hearty home-made stew in the whole house and we all gathered in the dining-room looking forward to dinner. When my father brought in the big steaming pot and put it down on the middle of the table we children were the first to give him our plates to be filled. I can still remember the aroma of the tender pieces of meat in a delicious gravy with fresh potatoes, herbs and vegetables. It just seems like yesterday – my mouth was watering and I couldn’t wait to taste the first delicious mouthful, before finishing it all off.

In the meantime our dog Maja had crept into the kitchen and walked up and down waiting for us to finish because my father always put any leftovers into her bowl. It was like Christmas and Easter rolled into one for Maja and she quickly polished off everything!

Nothing tastes as good as homemade food

My father stills cooks with a passion and so delicious homemade food, made with the best fresh ingredients, is part of me. I now know how lucky I was to grow up like this as nowadays there seems to be less home cooking.

I have to admit that even I don’t cook as often as my father did, but when I do, then I also cook for our two dogs Mira and Scotti and for our cat, Samira. I think carefully about what we eat and still try to use as many home grown, garden fresh, natural and healthy ingredients as I can – just like Dad used to do. But when I just didn‘t have enough time to cook as well as work, look after the family, keep up with friends and all the other things life demands from us today, I just could not find the right food for our pets, which tasted as if I had made it myself.

This bothered me for a while and I thought if I have the problem then there are probably other women who are looking for pet food that smells and tastes home-made. And so I decided to do something about it and put all my energy into creating GoodyDog.

The world’s best stew

It took over a year till we perfected the recipe so it smelled and tasted like my father’s wonderful stew, which I loved so much as a child. Of course for our pets there are no spices or salt in it! GoodyDog only contains natural ingredients, fresh vegetables, healthy superfoods, juicy pieces of meat and a nutritional, tasty gravy. All the carefully chosen ingredients are fresh, untreated, glutenand cereal- free and are even fit for human consumption. You can even eat it yourself! But the very best thing about GoodyDog is that with all the fresh ingredients and the careful way it is prepared it really does taste, smell and look as if you’d made it yourself. Our dog loves GoodyDog and finishes off every bowlful – just like Maja did when we were children.

When dog food bowls are lovingly filled, everything tastes better and so we’d like your furry friend to enjoy his meal too and we wish him at least seven lives!

Yummy greetings from Hanna

PS: Every GoodyDog purchase helps dogs in need and fills the food bowls in animal shelters in the whole of Europe. Discover more about GoodyDog’s support and how many bowls have already been filled! Find out more here >